%0 Journal Article %J JOURNAL OF ELASTOMERS AND PLASTICS %D 2010 %T Multilayer Stretchable Conductors with a Large Tensile Strength %A Takshi, Arash %A Madden, John %P 365-373 %V 42 %X A metallic conductor layer on an elastomeric substrate has a limited stretchability. Application of a conductive rubber layer underneath the metal can enhance the flexibility and preserve the electrical connection even at high strains. Silicone and polydimethyl siloxane (PDMS) have been tested as elastic substrates. A repeatable resistance-strain behavior up to 100\% strain is achieved for a multilayer conductor with PDMS substrate. It is found that this type of substrate has a large influence on the size of cracks on the metal layer. %8 JUL %9 article