%0 Journal Article %J Journal of Microsystem Technology %D 2008 %T Frequency Dependent Noise Analysis and Damping in MEMS %A Sharma, Mrigank %A Cretu, Edmond %I Springer Verlag %U http://www.springerlink.com/content/y057442p714ln7l6/fulltext.pdf %X The paper presents a combined noise and damping analysis for MEMS structures, based on frequency- dependent behavioral models extracted from finite element simulations. The design of high sensitivity MEMSbased microsystems needs to consider the frequency noise shaping induced by damping phenomena on micro scale motion, for its contribution can be significant in the system level noise analysis. Frequency-dependent behavioral models for squeeze-film damping are generated from finite element analysis simulations. Unlike existing noise analysis reported in literature, based on frequency-independent damping assumption, the paper integrates the damping and noise aspects using the same frequency-dependent models. The results can be used for a noise-based optimization procedure applied to the design of resonating microsensors, as illustrated for the case of a MEMS-based gyroscope. %8 12/2008