%0 Conference Paper %B IEEE Nanotechnolgy 2008 %D 2008 %T Effect of Single-Biomolecule Adsorption on the Electrical Properties of Short Carbon Nanotubes %A Abadir, George %A Walus, Konrad %A Turner, Robin %A Pulfrey, David %P 230-232 %X An ab initio simulation study using the density functional theory/non-equilibrium Green?s function approach has been carried out to investigate changes in the electrical properties of carbon nanotubes upon adsorption of single biomolecules. A single molecule of each of two amino acids (isoleucine and asparagine) was used as the target molecule in separate simulations. The results show changes in the local density of states, the transmission coefficient, and the current for both amino acids, although the changes are much more appreciable for asparagine. The results show promise for the use of carbon nanotubes as single-biomolecule sensors via electrical measurements. %8 18/08/2008