@article { 1764237, title = {Induced back-surface field solar cells on p-type silicon substrates}, journal = {Appl. Phys. Lett. (USA)}, volume = {39}, number = {1}, year = {1981}, note = {minority-carrier reflecting;induced back-surface field solar cells;diffused front junctions;open-circuit voltage;negative-barrier MIS contact;infrared photocurrent;Pt-SiOx-p-Si back contact;minority-carrier injecting front junctions;elemental semiconductors;}, pages = {83 - 5}, type = {article}, abstract = {Recent research has shown that negative-barrier metal insulator semiconductor (MIS) contacts can exhibit the same minority-carrier reflecting properties as diffused back-surface field regions. The authors describe the use of negative-barrier platinum-MIS contacts to form the first induced back-surface field solar cells on p-type silicon substrates. Pt-SiOx-pSi back contacts have been applied both to cells with diffused front junctions and to cells with minority-carrier injecting MIS front junctions. In both cases an enhancement in open-circuit voltage comparable to that obtained with diffused back-surface fields has been observed. The negative-barrier MIS contact has also been found to increase the infrared photocurrent}, keywords = {elemental semiconductors;metal-insulator-semiconductor devices;minority carriers;platinum;silicon;silicon compounds;solar cells;}, URL = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.92525}, author = { Tarr, N.G. and Pulfrey, D.L. and Iles, P.A.} }