@article { 1683069, title = {A fine line silicon shadow mask for inversion layer solar cells}, journal = {IEEE Electron Device Lett. (USA)}, volume = {ED-2}, number = {3}, year = {1981}, note = {inversion layer solar cells;grid patterns;anisotropically etching;V-grooves;active area conversion efficiencies;fine line Si shadow mask;MIS devices;Czochralski substrates;}, pages = {61 - 3}, type = {article}, abstract = {The feasibility of using silicon shadow masks to delineate fine linewidth grid patterns in MIS-inversion layer solar cells has been demonstrated. The masks have been prepared by anisotropically etching V-grooves into one surface of a silicon wafer, while simultaneously thinning the wafer by etching from the back surface. These masks have been used in a simple procedure to fabricate MISIL solar cells on 2.5 Ωcm, Czochralski silicon substrates with active area conversion efficiencies up to 15.1%}, keywords = {etching;masks;metal-insulator-semiconductor devices;solar cells;}, author = { Camporese, D.S. and Lester, T.P. and Pulfrey, D.L.} }