@inproceedings { 1180603, title = {The structure and Schottky barrier diode properties of polycrystalline GaAs films grown by the close spaced vapour transport technique on Mo substrates}, journal = {Twelfth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference 1976}, year = {1976}, note = {Schottky barrier diode properties;polycrystalline GaAs films;close spaced vapour transport technique;Mo substrates;}, pages = {962 - 6}, type = {inproceedings}, address = {Baton Rouge, LA, USA}, abstract = {Polycrystalline films of cubic GaAs have been deposited on Mo foil substrates using the close spaced vapour transport technique. Crystal grains of diameter about 10 μm could be obtained and the films were fibrous in nature, being composed of vertical single crystals on a bed of smaller, stunted crystals at the GaAs-Mo interface. Schottky barrier diodes were fabricated on the GaAs films using gold as a barrier metal and this combination yielded barrier heights as high as 0.8 eV, n-factors in the range of 1.5-2.3 and high values of shunt resistance. The series resistance of the diodes was also high and this was identified as being due to the mildly rectifying nature of the GaAs-Mo contact}, keywords = {III-V semiconductors;Schottky-barrier diodes;semiconductor thin films;}, author = { Russel, B.G. and Pulfrey, D.L.} }