@article { 3109817, title = {An analysis of the DC and small-signal AC performance of the tunnel emitter transistor}, journal = {IEEE Trans. Electron Devices (USA)}, volume = {35}, number = {2}, year = {1988}, note = {MIS structure;DC performance;small-signal AC performance;tunnel emitter transistor;model;I-V characteristics;TETRAN;small-signal hybrid-π equivalent circuit;cutoff frequency;Al-SiO2-Si;}, pages = {188 - 94}, type = {article}, abstract = {A model to describe the I-V characteristics of the tunnel emitter transistor (the TETRAN) is developed. It is based on a general model for tunneling in metal thin-insulator semiconductor structures. The model is used to compute typical magnitudes for the parameters appearing in the small-signal hybrid-π equivalent circuit of this device. From these it is predicted that the cutoff frequency for realistic TETRANs based on Al/SiO2/n-Si structures is about 1 GHz. This is considerably less than the values recently predicted for a related device, the BICFET, which is similar to the TETRAN}, keywords = {equivalent circuits;insulated gate field effect transistors;semiconductor device models;tunnelling;}, URL = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/16.2439}, author = { Chu, K.M. and Pulfrey, D.L.} }