@article { 2931770, title = {A photovoltaic-powered system for medium-head pumping}, journal = {Sol. Energy (USA)}, volume = {38}, number = {4}, year = {1987}, note = {medium-head pumping;photovoltaic-powered pumping system;drinking water supplies;tropical countries;Mono progressive cavity pump;DC motor;brush life;DC-DC converter;photovoltaic array;overall sunlight to pumped-water efficiency;800 W;3 percent;2 to 55 m;}, pages = {255 - 65}, type = {article}, abstract = {A prototype photovoltaic-powered pumping system capable of supplying 15 m3 of water per day in full sunlight at heads of around 35 m is developed. Design criteria are based on requirements for drinking water supplies to small villages in tropical countries. The system consists of a Mono progressive cavity pump driven by a very efficient DC motor with long brush life, which is supplied with power from a DC-DC converter. The power source is a 800 W photovoltaic array. Laboratory testing of the whole system shows that it is reliable and has an overall sunlight to pumped-water efficiency in excess of 3%. The system behaves well at heads other than the design head (35 m) and is tested over the range 25 to 55 m}, keywords = {DC motors;photovoltaic power systems;power convertors;pumps;water supply;}, URL = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/0038-092X(87)90047-8}, author = { Pulfrey, D.L. and Ward, P.R.B. and Dunford, W.G.} }