@article { 1563384, title = {On the stability of MIS solar cells}, journal = {IEEE Electron Device Lett. (USA)}, volume = {ED1}, number = {6}, year = {1980}, note = {stability;photocurrent response;Al/SiOx/pSi MIS solar cells;}, pages = {107 - 9}, type = {article}, abstract = {To achieve good photocurrent response in Al/SiOx/pSi MIS solar cells it is necessary to keep the Al barrier metal thickness to ≈50 Å. It is demonstrated that such solar cells are unstable, principally in Voc. The reduction in Voc is shown to be induced by photons of wavelength ⩽4500 Å. MIS cell stability can be improved, at the expense of efficiency, by thickening the barrier metal to 100 Å}, keywords = {aluminium;metal-insulator-semiconductor structures;photoconductivity;silicon compounds;solar cells;}, author = { Kleta, J.K. and Pulfrey, D.L.} }