@inproceedings { 1196468, title = {MIS solar cells: a review}, journal = {1977 International Electron Devices Meeting}, year = {1977}, note = {MIS solar cells;review;Si substrates;GaAs substrates;}, pages = {47B -}, type = {inproceedings}, address = {Washington, DC, USA}, abstract = {Summary form only given, substantially as follows: The metal-thin film insulator-semiconductor (MIS) structure is currently receiving much attention in solar cell studies. Both theoretical and practical investigations indicate that this structure offers a means of overcoming the principal deficiency of Schottky barrier solar cells, namely low open-circuit photovoltage, while maintaining the attractive features that have led the metal-semiconductor junction to be considered as a possible alternative to the p-n junctions for large-area, terrestrial, solar cell applications. Theories are reviewed in this paper and are further examined, for relevance to practical solar cells, in the light of experimental data from a variety of MIS solar cells employing Si and GaAs substrates}, keywords = {metal-insulator-semiconductor devices;reviews;solar cells;}, author = { Pulfrey, D.L.} }