@inproceedings { 2823445, title = {A photovoltaic-powered system for medium head pumping}, journal = {Conference Record of the Eighteenth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference - 1985 (Cat. No.86CH2208-7)}, year = {1985}, note = {medium head pumping;photovoltaic-powered pumping system;drinking water supplies;villages;Mono progressive cavity pump;DC motor;DC-DC converter;photovoltaic array;testing;solar powered pumps;}, pages = {1637 - 42}, type = {inproceedings}, address = {Las Vegas, NV, USA}, abstract = {A prototype photovoltaic-powered pumping system capable of supplying 15 m3 of water per day in full sunlight at heads of around 35 m has been developed. Design criteria are based on requirements for drinking water supplies to small villages. The system consists of a widely-used pump (the Mono progressive cavity pump) driven by a very efficient DC motor with long brush life, which is supplied with power from a DC-DC converter. The power source is a 800-W photovoltaic array. Laboratory testing shows that it is reliable and has an efficiency in excess of 3%. This is comparable to the highest efficiencies that have been reported elsewhere for solar powered pumps. The system behaves well at heads other than the design head (35 m) and has been tested over the range 25 to 55 m. Simulations of the volumes of water pumped during standard solar days of 4 kWh/m2 and 5 kWh/m2 have enabled comparisons to be made with published tests on other solar powered pumps. The present system easily meets the established criteria}, keywords = {photovoltaic power systems;pumping plants;water supply;}, author = { Pulfrey, D.L. and Ward, P.R.B. and Dunford, W.G.} }