@article { 1071145, title = {A minority carrier MIS solar cell}, journal = {Solid-State Electron. (UK)}, volume = {20}, number = {5}, year = {1977}, note = {minority carrier MIS solar cell;forward bias I-V characteristics;}, pages = {455 - 7}, type = {article}, abstract = {MIS solar cells are described which exhibit high fill-factors and open-circuit voltages and which have dark, forward bias I-V characteristics of a double exponential form. The insulator formation was achieved by a low temperature oxidation in air and an optimum insulator thickness of 12-15 Å was observed. The device properties suggest that the diodes may be operating in a recently-described, non-equilibrium minority carrier, tunnel mode}, keywords = {metal-insulator-semiconductor devices;minority carriers;solar cells;}, author = { Pulfrey, D.L.} }