@article { 4860720, title = {A physics-based HBT SPICE model for large-signal applications}, journal = {IEEE Trans. Electron Devices (USA)}, volume = {42}, number = {1}, year = {1995}, note = {physics-based HBT SPICE model;large-signal applications;graded-base HBT;emitter-base diode ideality factor;voltage dependencies;tunneling factor;barrier height;electron back injection;homojunction BJT macromodule;stimulator;}, pages = {8 - 14}, type = {article}, abstract = {A new, physics-based, large-signal SPICE model for graded-base HBT's is reported. The novelty of the model lies in its use of the emitter-base diode ideality factor to account for the voltage dependencies of the tunneling factor and the barrier height for back injection of electrons. This expedient allows the HBT to be simply represented in SPICE by the regular homojunction BJT macromodule of this stimulator. The usefulness and accuracy of the model are demonstrated by comparisons of simulated and measured data for a graded-base AlGaAs-GaAs HBT: DC I-V data and large-signal switching results from a ring-oscillator circuit are presented}, keywords = {equivalent circuits;heterojunction bipolar transistors;semiconductor device models;SPICE;tunnelling;}, URL = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/16.370042}, author = { Feng, J.J.X. and Pulfrey, D.L. and Sitch, J. and Surridge, R.} }