@article { 8975935, title = {Green's function calculations for semi-infinite carbon nanotubes}, journal = {Phys. Status Solidi B (Germany)}, volume = {243}, number = {2}, year = {2006}, note = {nonequilibrium Green's function calculations;semiinfinite carbon nanotubes;nanoscale electronic devices;selfenergy functions;tight-binding Hamiltonians;C;}, pages = {442 - 8}, type = {article}, abstract = {In the modeling of nanoscale electronic devices, the non-equilibrium Green's function technique is gaining increasing popularity. One complication in this method is the need for computation of the "self-energy" functions that account for the interactions between the active portion of a device and its leads. In the one-dimensional case, these functions may be computed analytically. In higher dimensions, a numerical approach is required. In this work, we generalize earlier methods that were developed for tight-binding Hamiltonians, and present results for the case of a carbon nanotube}, keywords = {carbon nanotubes;electronic density of states;Green's function methods;tight-binding calculations;}, URL = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/pssb.200541227}, author = { John, D.L. and Pulfrey, D.L.} }