@article { 9344025, title = {High-frequency capability of Schottky-barrier carbon nanotube FETs}, journal = {Diffus. Defect Data B, Solid State Phenom. (Switzerland)}, volume = {121-123}, year = {2007}, note = {high-frequency capability;Schottky-barrier;carbon nanotube;FET;negative-barrier Schottky contacts;transconductance;C;}, pages = {693 - 6}, type = {article}, abstract = {The high-frequency capability of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors is investigated by simulating the small-signal performance of a device with negative-barrier Schottky contacts for the source and drain, and with a small, ungated region of nanotube between the end contacts and the edge of the wrap-around gate electrode. The overall structure is shown to exhibit resonant behaviour, which leads to a significant bias dependence of the small-signal capacitances and transconductance. This could lead to high-frequency figures of merit (fT and fmax) in the terahertz regime}, keywords = {carbon nanotubes;field effect transistors;nanotube devices;Schottky barriers;}, author = { Castro, L.C. and Pulfrey, D.L. and John, D.L.} }