@inproceedings { low_integrated_1, title = {An integrated functional tester for CMOS logic}, journal = {1993 Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cat. No.93TH0590-0)}, volume = {vol.1}, year = {1993}, pages = {453-6}, publisher = {IEEE}, organization = {IEEE}, type = {inproceedings}, address = {Vancouver, BC, Canada}, abstract = {This paper presents the architecture of a functional tester system based on a functional tester chip (FTC) featuring per-pin programmability, output waveform formatting (NR, RC, RH, and RL), input window comparison and on-the-fly format switching. Waveforms are encoded using a set of simple 8-bit instructions. The bandwidth requirements of each channel is 8 bits per test vector. A four-channel FTC implemented using digital standard cells, with a 1.2 micron dual metal layer CMOS process, has a die size of 7?6 mm2 (core: 6?5 mm2). Each channel occupies approximately 17\% of the core area. Almost half the channel area is used by the format memory which provides a cache of the required timing and formats for a given test. Preliminary results based on measurements from an early version of the wave formatting circuit suggest that edge resolutions of at least 1.5 ns are possible}, keywords = {CMOS integrated circuits,encoding,functional analysis,integrated circuit testing,logic testing}, URL = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/CCECE.1993.332196}, author = { Low, W. and Ivanov, A.} }