@inproceedings { tabatabaei_curre, title = {A current integrator for BIST of mixed-signal ICs}, journal = {Proceedings 17th IEEE VLSI Test Symposium (Cat. No.PR00146)}, year = {1999}, pages = {311-18}, publisher = {IEEE Comput. Soc}, organization = {IEEE Comput. Soc}, type = {inproceedings}, address = {Dana Point, CA, USA}, abstract = {A novel built-in current integrator (BICI) is proposed for measuring the average supply current (IDD) of embedded circuit blocks. Such a circuit can be used both as a current signature generator and power monitor. The BICI uses only small capacitors (total 72 pF), a simple comparator, 7 switches, and a counter to perform integration over a long time (1 ms) window and digitize IDD. The BICI generates a digital signature proportional to IDD and occupies a small area which make it suitable for BIST applications on mixed-signal ICs. The circuit has been implemented using a standard 0.5 ? CMOS technology. Circuit performance trade-offs are analyzed and optimization guidelines provided. Simulation results are also included}, keywords = {built-in self test,circuit optimisation,CMOS integrated circuits,integrating circuits,mixed analogue-digital integrated circuits}, URL = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/VTEST.1999.766681}, author = { Tabatabaei, S. and Ivanov, A.} }