@inproceedings { Bai:2006gf, title = {Spider Silk as a New Biomaterial for Mems}, journal = {Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, 2006. MEMS 2006 Istanbul. 19th IEEE International Conference on}, year = {2006}, pages = {226--229}, type = {inproceedings}, abstract = {In this work, spider drag-line silk is introduced for the first time as a new biomaterial for Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (MEMS). The tasks accomplished were focused on material characterization of regenerated spider silk under two conditions: (1) spin-coated thin film formed onto a silicon substrate; (2) formation of a free-standing microbridge (800 {$\times$} 800 {$\times$} 150 \&{\#}956;m$^{3}$) obtained by a surface micromachining process with sacrificial etching. Preliminary micro mechanical testing showed the spider silk microstructure having an elastic modulus of 7.251 GPa, an ultimate tensile strength of 21.15 MPa and a loss tangent of 0.044.}, ISBN = {1084-6999}, author = { Bai, J. and Saheb-Djawaher, R. and Ma, T. and Chu, W. and Wang, R. and Silva, L. and Michal, C. and Chiao, J. -C. and Chiao, M.} }