@article { guillenetal2016, title = {Effects of backscattering in high-Q, large-area silicon-on-insulator ring resonators}, journal = {Optics Letters}, volume = {41}, year = {2016}, month = {04/2016}, pages = {4}, publisher = {Optical Society of America}, chapter = {1538}, abstract = {We demonstrate large-area silicon-on-insulator ring resonators with Q values of about 2 10^6 at critical coupling and 3.6 10^6 for heavily undercoupled conditions. A model has been developed to understand the impact of waveguide backscattering and subcomponent imperfections on the spectral response of our devices. The model predicts the appearance of signals at ports that would not have them under backscattering- free, ideal-power-splitting conditions. The predictions of our model are shown to match the phenomena observed in our measurements.}, URL = {https://www.osapublishing.org/ol/abstract.cfm?uri=ol-41-7-1538}, author = {Miguel Guillen and Kyle Murray and Han Yun and Michael Caverley and Edmond Cretu and Lukas Chrostowski and Nicolas Jaeger} }