@article { Chen2015OE, title = {Spiral Bragg grating waveguides for TM mode silicon photonics}, journal = {Optics Express}, volume = {23}, year = {2015}, month = {09/2015}, pages = {25295-25307}, chapter = {25295}, abstract = {We demonstrate spiral Bragg grating waveguides (BGWs) on the silicon-on-insulator (SOI) platform for the fundamental transverse magnetic (TM) mode. We also compare TM spiral waveguides to equivalent transverse electric (TE) spiral waveguides and show that the TM spiral waveguides have lower propagation losses. Our spiral waveguides are space-efficient, requiring only areas of 131131 m2 to accommodate 4 mm long BGWs, and, thus, are less susceptible to fabrication non-uniformities. Due to the lengths and reduced susceptibility to fabrication non-uniformities, we were able to obtain narrow bandwidth, large extinction ratio (ER) devices, as narrow as 0.09 nm and as large as 52 dB, respectively. Finally, we demonstrate a 4 mm long TM chirped spiral Bragg grating waveguide with a negative, average, group delay slope of ?11 ps/nm.}, keywords = {Gratings, Integrated optics devices, Waveguides}, URL = {https://www.osapublishing.org/oe/abstract.cfm?uri=oe-23-19-25295}, author = {Zhitian Chen and Jonas Flueckiger and Xu Wang and Fan Zhang and Han Yun and Zeqin Lu and Michael Caverley and Yun Wang and Nicolas A. F. Jaeger and Lukas Chrostowski} }