@article { Lin-Nitridation, title = {The Effect of Thermal Nitridation-Based Defect Engineering on Phosphorus Diffusion in SiGe:C}, journal = {J. of Physics D}, year = {9999}, month = {05/2015}, abstract = {We report experimental study of thermal nitridation effect on phosphorus (P) diffusion in strained Si(1-x)Gex and strained Si(1-x)Gex:Cy. P diffusivities under thermal nitridation (vacancy injection) and effective inert condition were compared. The result shows that thermal nitridation can retard P diffusion in SiGe with up to 18% Ge content, but the effectiveness of this retardation decreases with increasing Ge and C content. With 18% Ge content and when carbon is present, thermal nitridation slightly increases P diffusivity compared to the inert condition. The Ge dependence can be explained by the increasing contribution from vacancy-assisted mechanism for P diffusion in strained SiGe with increasing Ge content. }, author = {Yiheng Lin, Hiroshi Yasuda, Manfred Schiekofer, and Guangrui (Maggie) Xia} }