@article { Burla:14, title = {Terahertz-bandwidth photonic fractional Hilbert transformer based on a phase-shifted waveguide Bragg grating on silicon}, journal = {Optics Letters}, volume = {39}, number = {21}, year = {2014}, month = {11/2014}, pages = {6241--6244}, publisher = {OSA}, type = {article}, abstract = {We propose and experimentally demonstrate the first THz bandwidth on-chip photonic fractional Hilbert transformer. The reported design uses a novel approach, based on a uniform and nonapodized single phase-shifted integrated waveguide Bragg grating on silicon, where the fractional order P can be engineered by simply varying the effective index modulation \&\#x3B4;n. Experimental results for P$=$1.5 show very low processing error for a broad range of pulse bandwidths between 77\&\#xA0;GHz and 2.07\&\#xA0;THz, corresponding to a time-bandwidth product as high as 27.}, keywords = {Integrated optics devices; Pulse shaping; Pulses; Ultrafast devices; Ultrafast processing}, URL = {http://ol.osa.org/abstract.cfm?URI=ol-39-21-6241}, author = { Burla, Maurizio and Li, Ming and Cortes, Luis Romero and Wang, Xu and Fernandez-Ruiz, Maria Rosario and Chrostowski, Lukas and Jose Azana} }