@article { Dong2012a, title = {A unified interdiffusivity model and model verification for tensile and relaxed SiGe interdiffusion over the full germanium content range}, journal = {J. Appl. Phys. }, volume = {111}, year = {2012}, month = {02/2012}, pages = {044909}, abstract = {

An interdiffusivity model was established for SiGe interdiffusion under tensile or relaxed strain
over the full Ge content (xGe ) range (0< xGe < 1), which is based on the correlations between
self-diffusivity, intrinsic diffusivity, and interdiffusivity. It uni?es available interdiffusivity models
over the full Ge range and applies to a wider temperature range up to 1270 degree C at the xGe = 0

end and to 900 degree C at the high xGe end. Interdiffusion experiments under soak and spike rapid

thermal annealing conditions were conducted to verify the model. Literature interdiffusion data under
furnace annealing conditions were also used for the same purpose. The interdiffusivity model of this
work has been implemented in major process simulation tools, and the simulation results showed
good agreement with experimental data under furnace annealing and soak and spike rapid thermal
annealing conditions. This work demonstrated a new approach in studying SiGe interdiffusion, which
has the advantage of studying interdiffusion under non-isothermal annealing conditions.

}, author = {Yuanwei Dong, Yiheng Lin, Simon Li, Steve McCoy, and Guangrui Xia} }