@article { Hoskinson2012, title = {Arrays of large-area, large-angle tip/tilt micromirrors for use in a high-contrast projector}, journal = {Sensors and Actuators A: Physical}, volume = {173}, year = {2012}, month = {01/2012}, pages = {172-179}, publisher = {Elsevier}, abstract = {Arrays of two-degree of freedom analog micromirrors are designed for use within an high-contrast projector and fabricated using a multi-user MEMS fabrication process. We demonstrate a novel way of optimizing the tradeoffs between tilt angle and mirror size by subdividing the mirrors into smaller functional subsections that move synchronously. The mirror design employs multiple mirrors within a gimbal frame. The frame rotates around one axis, and each mirror within the frame rotates around a perpendicular axis, resulting in two-degree of freedom rotation. The design employs specific electrode shapes to allow one-layer connections. Using these fabricated mirrors, simultaneous actuation of mirrors within a composite structure is achieved. A prototype array of fabricated mirrors is described, with 6 5 mirrors each of 160m160m forming one composite mirror of an array, giving total active area of 960m 800m. The mirrors can achieve a maximum tilt angle of 2.25. The ?ll factor of this design is 68%. }, author = {Reynald Hoskinson and Stefan Hampl and Boris Stoeber} }