@article { Xia2010a, title = {Si-Ge Interdiffusion under Oxidizing Conditions in Epitaxial SiGe Heterostructures with High Compressive Stress}, journal = {APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS}, volume = {96}, year = {2010}, month = {03/2010}, pages = {122107}, abstract = {Si?Ge interdiffusion under oxidizing and inert conditions has been studied in epitaxial relaxed Si1?xGex/compressive Si1?yGey/relaxed Si1?xGex heterostructures. The interdiffusion was measured by secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS) and studied using simulations. Within the SIMS accuracy, the measured Ge profiles show that oxidation has a small effect, if any, on the Si?Ge interdiffusion of these structures. These results suggest that oxidation does not accelerate Si?Ge interdiffusion significantly, which lessens process integration constraints for SiGe devices such as high mobility dual channel metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors and heterostructure tunneling field effect transistors.}, author = {Guangrui Xia and Judy L. Hoyt} }