@article { Ahnood08b, title = {Non-ohmic contact resistance and field-effect mobility in nanocrystalline silicon thin film transistors}, journal = {APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS}, volume = {93}, year = {2008}, month = {11/2008}, pages = {163503}, abstract = {Contact resistance has a significant impact on the electrical characteristics of thin film transistors. It limits their maximum on-current and affects their subsequent behavior with bias. This distorts the extracted device parameters, in particular, the field-effect mobility. This letter presents a method capable of accounting for both the non-ohmic (nonlinear) and ohmic (linear) contact resistance effects solely based upon terminal I-V measurements. Applying our analysis to a nanocrystalline silicon thin film transistor, we demonstrate that contact resistance effects can lead to a twofold underestimation of the field-effect mobility.}, author = {A. Ahnood and K. Ghaffarzadeh and A. Nathan and P. Servati and F. Li and M.R. Esmaeili-Rad and A. Sazonov} }