@article { 867976, title = {The deformation of anodic films during the plasma anodization of Al-Si structures}, journal = {J. Electrochem. Soc. (USA)}, volume = {122}, number = {11}, year = {1975}, note = {plasma anodization;Al-Si structures;Al2O3 film deposition;anodic films;deformation;}, pages = {1553 - 6}, type = {article}, abstract = {Al2O3 on Si would appear to be of interest in devices requiring good radiation resistance, low mobility of incorporated impurities, low surface state density and increased oxide dielectric constant. Memory action in metal Al2O3-Si FET's has also been observed. The authors consider Al2O3 film deposition by plasma anodization. Results are presented which indicate that severe deformation of the anodic oxide film can occur during anodization}, keywords = {aluminium compounds;deformation;oxidation;semiconductor-insulator boundaries;silicon;}, author = { Reche, J.J.H. and Pulfrey, D.L.} }