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Zeqin Lu, Ming Zhao, Zhenyu Yang, Lin Wu, Peng Zhang, "Helical Metamaterial Absorbers: Broadband and Polarization-Independent in Optical Region", Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 31, issue 6, pp. 2762-2768, 08/2013. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Zeqin Lu, M. Zhao, Z. Yang, L. Wu, P. Zhang, Y. Zheng, J. Duan, "Broadband polarization-insensitive absorbers in 0.3–2.5 μm using helical metamaterials", J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, vol. 30, 04/2013. Tagged XML BibTex
M. Z. Shen, J. H. Zhao, H. Zeng, S. Tang, "Calibrating the measurement of wavelength dependent SHG from biological tissues with a BBO crystal", Journal of Biomedical Optics, 01/2013. Tagged XML BibTex
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Mansoor, H., Zeng, H., Tai, I.T., Zhao, J., Chiao, M., "A miniature fiber-optic raster scanner for 2D optical imaging of biological tissues", IEEE MEMS, pp. 137-140, 2013  . Tagged XML BibTex
Pirmoradi, F.N, Ou, K., Jackson, J.K., Letchford, K., Cui, J., Wolf, K., Zhao, T., Matsubara, J.A., Burt, H., Chiao, M., Lin, L., "Controlled delivery of antiangiogenic drug to human eye tissue using a MEMS device", IEEE MEMS, pp. 1-4, 2013  . Tagged XML BibTex
Zeqin Lu, Ming Zhao, PeiYuan Xie, Lin Wu, Yang Yu, Peng Zhang, Zhenyu Yang, "Reflection Properties of Metallic Helical Metamaterials", Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 30, issue 18, 09/2012. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Y.Q. Yu, A.M.D. Lee, H.Q. Wang, S. Tang, J.H. Zhao, H. Lui, H. Zeng, "Imaging-guided two-photon excitation-emission-matrix measurements of human skin tissues", Journal of Biomedical Optics, vol. 17, pp. Article No. 077004 (1-8), 07/2012. Tagged XML BibTex
M.Z. Shen, H.Q. Wang, A. Lee, J.H. Zhao, H. Zeng, S. Tang, "A study on the spectral dependence of collagen tissues", SPIE Photonics West, vol. 8226, pp. Article No. 82263R (1-6), 01/2012. Tagged XML BibTex
Mansoor, H., Chen, K., Yu, Y., Zhao, J., Zeng, H., Chiao, M., "Histology-equivalent vertical optical sectioning using a 2-axis magnetic onfocal microscanner", Technical Digest of Solid-State Sensors and Actuators Workshop, Hilton Head, SC, USA, pp. 397-400, 2012  . Tagged XML BibTex
A.M.D. Lee, H.Q. Wang, Y.Q. Yu, S. Tang, J.H. Zhao, H. Lui, D.I. McLean, H. Zeng, "In vivo video rate multiphoton microscopy imaging of human skin", Optics Letters, vol. 36, pp. 2865-2867, 08/2011. Tagged XML BibTex
Mansoor, H., Zeng, H., Chen, K., Yu, Y., Zhao, J., Chiao, M., "Vertical optical sectioning using a magnetically driven confocal microscanner aimed for in vivo clinical imaging", Optics Express, vol. 19, no. 25, pp. 25161-25172, 2011  . Tagged XML BibTex
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L. Chrostowski, X. Zhao, C. J. Chang-Hasnain, R. Shau, M. Ortsiefer, M.-C. Amann, "50 GHz Optically Injection-Locked 1.55 µm VCSELs", IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 18, issue 2, pp. 367--9, 01/2006. Tagged XML BibTex
Chrostowski, Lukas, Zhao, X., Chang-Hasnain, C., Shau, R., Ortsiefer, M., Amann, M. C., "50 GHz Directly-Modulated Injection-Locked 1.55 um VCSELs", Optical Fiber Communications Conference, 2005  . Tagged XML BibTex
Subrahmanyam, P. Bala, Chrostowski, Lukas, Zhao, X., Chang-Hasnain, C., "Feedback Tolerance of Injection-Locked VCSELs", Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, 2005  . Tagged XML BibTex
Zhao, Xiaoxue, Chrostowski, Lukas, Chang-Hasnain, Connie J., "Extinction ratio of injection-locked VCSELs", Lasers and Electro-Optics Society Conference, vol. 1, no. 244 -- 245, Nov. 8-9. Tagged XML BibTex
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Zhao, Z., Ivanov, A., "Embedded servo loop for ADC linearity testing", Microelectron. J. (UK), vol. 33, pp. 773-80, oct. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex