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Pulfrey, D.L., Fathpour, S., Denis, A.S., Vaidyanathan, M.A., Hagley, W.A., Surridge, R.K., "Application of the traditional compact expressions for estimating the regional signal-delay times of heterojunction bipolar transistors", J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A, Vac. Surf. Films (USA), vol. 18, no. 2, Ottawa, Ont., Canada, pp. 775 - 9, 2000  . Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Pulfrey, D.L., St. Denis, A.R., Vaidyanathan, M., "Compact modeling of high-frequency, small-dimension bipolar transistors", 1998 Conference on Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices. Proceedings (Cat. No.98EX140), Perth, WA, Australia, pp. 81 - 5, 1999  . Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Vaidyanathan, M., Pulfrey, D.L., "Extrapolated f<sub>max</sub> of heterojunction bipolar transistors", IEEE Trans. Electron Devices (USA), vol. 46, no. 2, pp. 301 - 9, 1999  . Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Vaidyanathan, M., Pulfrey, D.L., "Effects of quasi-ballistic base transport on the high-frequency characteristics of bipolar transistors", IEEE Trans. Electron Devices (USA), vol. 44, no. 4, pp. 618 - 26, 1997  . Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Vaidyanathan, M., Pulfrey, D.L., "An appraisal of the one-flux method for treating carrier transport in modern semiconductor devices", Solid-State Electron. (UK), vol. 39, no. 6, pp. 827 - 32, 1996  . Abstract Tagged XML BibTex