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M.A. Rafiq, Z.A.K. Durrani, H. Mizuta, A. Colli, P. Servati, A.C. Ferrari, W.I. Milne, S. Oda, "Room temperature single electron charging in single silicon nanochains", JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, vol. 103, issue 5, pp. 053705, 2008. Tagged XML BibTex
A. Colli, S. Hofmann, P. Servati, Y. Fu, P. Beecher, A. Fasoli, M.A. Rafiq, Z.A.K. Durrani, C. Ducati, J. Robertson, W.I. Milne, A.C. Ferrari, "Multiple routes to Si nanowire synthesis", Material Research Society (MRS) 2006 Spring Meeting, Symposium P: Semiconductor Nanowires - Fabrication, Physical Properties, and Applications, San Francisco, CA, pp. P8.22, 18/04/2006. Tagged XML BibTex
Ivanov, A., Rafiq, S., Renovell, M., Azais, F., Bertrand, Y., "On the detectability of CMOS floating gate transistor faults", IEEE Trans. Comput.-Aided Des. Integr. Circuits Syst. (USA), vol. 20, pp. 116-28, 2001  . Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Rafiq, S., Ivanov, A., Tabatabaei, S., Renovell, M., "Testing for floating gates defects in CMOS circuits", Proceedings Seventh Asian Test Symposium (ATS'98) (Cat. No.98TB100259), Singapore, IEEE Comput. Soc, pp. 228-36, 1998  . Abstract Tagged XML BibTex