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P. Beecher, P. Servati, A. Rozhin, A. Colli, V. Scardaci, S. Pisana, G.-W. Hsieh, A. Fasoli, D. Chu, F.M. Li, A. Nathan, B. Ong, A.J. Flewitt, J. Robertson, A. Ferrari, W.I. Milne, "Ink-jet Printing of Carbon Nanotube-based Thin Film Transistors", Material Research Society (MRS) 2008 Spring Meeting, Symposium P: Carbon Nanotubes and Related Low-Dimensional Materials, 24/03/2008. Tagged XML BibTex
G.W. Hsieh, P. Beecher, F.M. Li, P. Servati, A. Colli, A. Fasoli, D. Chu, A. Nathan, B. Ong, J. Robertson, A.C. Ferrari, W.I. Milne, "Formation of composite organic thin film transistors with nanotubes and nanowires ", Physica E, vol. 40, pp. 2406-2413, 07/2008. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex