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T. Mirfakhrai, R. Krishna-Prasad, A. Nojeh, J. D. W. Madden, "Bond order effects in electromechanical actuation of armchair single-walled carbon nanotubes", Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 132, pp. 074703-1 - 074703-6, 02/2010. Tagged XML BibTex
Tissaphern Mirfakhrai, Rahul Krishna-Prasad, Nojeh, A. and Madden, J. D. W., "Electromechanical actuation of single-walled carbon nanotubes: an ab initio simulation study", Nanotechnology, vol. 19, 08/2008. Tagged XML BibTex
E. Bisaillon, D. T. H. Tan, B. Faraji, Y. Zeng, C. Ostafew, R. Krishna-Prasad, L. Chrostowski, D. V. Plant, "Resonant Grating Based Fabry-Perot Cavity in AlGaAs/GaAs", IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society Conference, Montreal, QC, Canada, 29/10/2006. Tagged XML BibTex