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Lukas Chrostowski, Zeqin Lu, Jonas Flueckiger, James Pond, Jackson Klein, Xu Wang, Sarah Li, Wei Tai, En Yao Hsu, Chan Kim, John Ferguson, Chris Cone, "Schematic Driven Silicon Photonics Design", Proc. SPIE, 02/2016. Tagged XML BibTex
Grist, Samantha Marie, Oyunerdene, Nominerdene, Flueckiger, Jonas, Kim, John, Wong, Philip C, Chrostowski, Lukas, Cheung, Karen C, "Fabrication and laser patterning of polystyrene optical oxygen sensor films for lab-on-a-chip applications", Analyst: Royal Society of Chemistry, 09/2014. Tagged XML BibTex
Javad Foroughi, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Gordon G. Wallace, Jiyoung Oh, Mikhail E. Kozlov, Shaoli Fang, Tissaphern Mirfakhrai, John D. W. Madden, Min Kyoon Shin, Seon Jeong Kim, Ray H. Baughman, "Torsional carbon nanotube artificial muscles", Science, vol. 334, pp. 494-497, 10/2011. Tagged XML BibTex
J.H. Baek, T. Krasieva, S. Tang, Y.C. Ahn, C.S. kim, D. Vu, Z.P. Chen, and P. Wilder-Smith, "An optical approach to the salivary pellicle", J. of Biomed. Opt., vol. 14, pp. Art. No. 044001, 07/2009. Tagged XML BibTex
J.B. Kim, B. Jeong, M. Chiao, L. Lin, "Ultrasonic bonding for MEMS sealing and packaging", IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging, vol. 32, issue 2, pp. 461-467, 05/2009. Tagged XML BibTex
Kim, J.B., Jeong, B., Chiao, M., Lin, L., "Ultrasonic bonding for MEMS sealing and packaging", IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging, vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 461-467, 2009  . Tagged XML BibTex
Kim, Jae Hwan, Chrostowski, Lukas, Eric Bisaillon, David V. Plant, "DBR, Sub-wavelength grating, and Photonic crystal slab Fabry-Perot cavity design using phase analysis by FDTD", Optics Express, vol. 15, issue 16, pp. 10330--10339, 08/2007. Tagged XML BibTex
Jae Hwan Eric Kim, "Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) Simulations and Fabrication of a Fabry-Perot Cavity Using Photonic Crystal Arrays", Electrical and Computer Engineering, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, University of British Columbia, pp. 94, 2007  . Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Kim, J.B., Chen, Y.-T., Chiao, M., Lin, L., "{MEMS} packaging and thermal issues in reliability", Nanotechnology Handbook, 2nd: Springer Verlag, 2007  . Tagged XML BibTex
Jae Hwan (Eric) Kim and Lukas Chrostowski, "Fabry-Perot Cavity Design in AlGaAs/GaAs using a Photonic Crystal Slab for a Resonant Cavity Detector", LEOS, 2006  . Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Englander, O., Christensen, D., Chiao, M., Kim, J.B., Lin, L., "Localized Synthesis of Silicon Nanowires", 12th Int. Conference on Solid-State Sensors and Actuators, Transducer's 03 , Technical Digest, Boston, MA, USA, pp. 186-189, 2003  . Tagged XML BibTex
Kim, J.B., Chiao, M., Lin, L., "Ultrasonic Bonding of In/Au and Al/Al for Hermetic Sealing of MEMS Packaging", Proceedings of IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Conference, Las Vegas, NV, USA, pp. 415-418, Jan. Tagged XML BibTex