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Lukas Chrostowski, Zeqin Lu, Jonas Flueckiger, James Pond, Jackson Klein, Xu Wang, Sarah Li, Wei Tai, En Yao Hsu, Chan Kim, John Ferguson, Chris Cone, "Schematic Driven Silicon Photonics Design", Proc. SPIE, 02/2016. Tagged XML BibTex
Yun Wang, Stevan Djordjecvic, Jin Yao, John Cunningham, Xuezhe Zheng, Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy, Michael Muller, Markus-Christian Amann, Richard Bojko, Nicolas A. F. Jaeger, Lukas Chrostowski, "Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser Flip-Chip Bonding to Silicon Photonics Chip", IEEE Optical Interconnects Conference, 04/2015. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Grist, Samantha Marie, Oyunerdene, Nominerdene, Flueckiger, Jonas, Kim, John, Wong, Philip C, Chrostowski, Lukas, Cheung, Karen C, "Fabrication and laser patterning of polystyrene optical oxygen sensor films for lab-on-a-chip applications", Analyst: Royal Society of Chemistry, 09/2014. Tagged XML BibTex
Lukas Chrostowski, Jonas Flueckiger, Charlie Lin, Michael Hochberg, James Pond, Jackson Klein, John Ferguson, Chris Cone, "Design methodologies for silicon photonic integrated circuits", Proc. SPIE 8989, Photonics West 2014, 02/2014. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Suresha K. Mahadeva, John Berring, Konrad Walus and Boris Stoeber, "Effect of poling time and grid voltage on phase transition and piezoelectricity of ploy(vinyledene fluoride) thin films using corona poling", Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, vol. 46, issue 28, pp. 285305, July/2013. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Christoph Sielmann, John Robert Busch, Konrad Walus, Boris Stoeber, "Inkjet printed all-polymer flexural plate wave sensors", IEEE Sensors Special Issue on Flexible Sensors and Sensing Systems, vol. 13, issue 10, pp. 4005-4013, 11/2012. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
John Berring, Christoph Sielmann, Konrad Walus, Boris Stoeber, "VOC detection using an all polymer flexural plate wave sensor", IEEE Transducers, vol. 17, Barcelona, Spain, pp. 274-277, 06/2013. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Christoph Sielmann, John Berring, Konrad Walus, Boris Stoeber, "Application of an all-polymer flexural plate wave sensor to polymer/solvent material characterization", IEEE Sensors, vol. 11, pp. 830-833, 10/2012. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Lee, Kenneth K. C., Herman, Peter R., Shoa, Tina, Madden, John D.W., "Microstructuring of Polypyrrole by Maskless Direct Femtosecond Laser Ablation", Advanced materials(Weinheim), vol. 24, issue 9, pp. 1243-1246, 03/2012. Tagged XML BibTex
Mohammadi, Abdolreza R., Graham, Tim C. M., Madden, John D. W., Bennington, C., "Toward a Flow Following Ionic Conductivity and Temperature Sensor Package", Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, vol. 51, issue 6, pp. 2738-2746, 02/2012. Tagged XML BibTex
Yoo, Dan Sik, Mahmoudzadeh, Ali, Fok, Eddie C. W., Walus, Konrad, Madden, John D. W., "Multiple time constant modelling of a printed conducting polymer electrode", ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, vol. 56, no. 13, pp. 4711-4716, MAY 1. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Shoa, Tina, Yoo, Dan Sik, Walus, Konrad, Madden, John David W., "A Dynamic Electromechanical Model for Electrochemically Driven Conducting Polymer Actuators", IEEE-ASME TRANSACTIONS ON MECHATRONICS, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 42-49, FEB. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
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Takshi, Arash, Madden, John D.W., "Study the effect of distribution of density of states on the subthreshold characteristics of an organic field-effect transistor (OFET)", Journal of Computational Electronics, vol. 10, issue 1-2, pp. 154-162, 06/2011. Tagged XML BibTex
Sarles, Stephen A., Madden, John D. W., Leo, Donald J., "Hair cell inspired mechanotransduction with a gel-supported, artificial lipid membrane", SOFT MATTER, vol. 7, no. 10, pp. 4644-4653, 2011  . Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Takshi, Arash, Madden, John D. W., Mahmoudzadeh, Ali, Saer, Rafael, Beatty, J. Thomas, "A Photovoltaic Device Using an Electrolyte Containing Photosynthetic Reaction Centers", ENERGIES, vol. 3, no. 11, pp. 1721-1727, NOV. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
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