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Mohammadi, Abdolreza R., Graham, Tim C. M., Madden, John D. W., Bennington, C., "Toward a Flow Following Ionic Conductivity and Temperature Sensor Package", Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, vol. 51, issue 6, pp. 2738-2746, 02/2012. Tagged XML BibTex
Graham, T.C.M., Liu, E., Mohammadi, A. R., Sadeghi, N., Albadvi, E., Mirabbasi, S., Chiao, M., Madden, J., Bennington, C.P.J., "Development of a Flow-Following Sensor Package for Application in Chemical Pulp Digesters", EXFOR & Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada, Feb. Tagged XML BibTex
Gabriel Schulhof and Konrad Walus and Graham A. Jullien, "Simulation of random cell displacements in QCA", J. Emerg. Technol. Comput. Syst., vol. 3, issue 1: ACM Press, 2007. Tagged XML BibTex