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A. Ganguly, K. Chang, P. P. Pande, B. Belzer, A. Nojeh, "Performance evaluation of wireless networks on chip architectures", 10th IEEE International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design ISQED’09, San Jose CA, USA, 03/2009. Tagged XML BibTex
A. Nojeh, P. Pande, A. Ganguly, S. Sheikhaei, B. Belzer, A. Ivanov, "Reliability of wireless on-chip interconnects based on carbon nanotube antennas", 14th International Mixed-Signals, Sensors and Systems Test Workshop IMS3TW 2008, Vancouver BC, Canada, 06/2008. Tagged XML BibTex
P. P. Pande, A. Ganguly, B. Belzer, A. Ivanov, A. Nojeh, "Novel Interconnect Infrastructures for Massive Multicore Chips", IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems ISCAS 2008, Seattle WA, USA, 05/2008. Tagged XML BibTex