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F. Khademolhosseini and M. Chiao, "Fabrication and Patterning of Magnetic Polymer Micropillar Structures Using a Dry-Nanoparticle Embedding Technique", IEEE/ASME Journal of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, 09/2012. Tagged XML BibTex
F. Khademolhosseini and M. Chiao, "A dry nanoparticle embedding technique for fabrication of magnetic polymer micropillars", IEEE 25th International Conference on Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (IEEE MEMS 2012), Paris, France, 01/2012. Tagged XML BibTex
F. Khademolhosseini, M. Chiao, "Magnetically actuated cellular strain assessment tool: a study on the strain induced directional migration of human endothelial cells", 16th international Conference on Solid-state Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, Transducers 2011, 05/06/2011. Tagged XML BibTex
F. Khademolhosseini, A.S. Phani, A. Nojeh, R.K.N.D. Rajapakse, "Nonlocal continuum modeling and molecular dynamics simulation of torsional vibration of carbon nanotubes", IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, vol. 11, issue 1, pp. 34-43, 01/2011. Tagged XML BibTex
F. Khademolhosseini , R.K.N.D. Rajapakse , A. Nojeh, "Torsional buckling of carbon nanotubes based on nonlocal elasticity shell models", Computational Materials Science, vol. 48: Elsevier, pp. 736-742, 06/2010. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
F. Khademolhosseini, R. K. N. D. Rajapakse, A. Nojeh, "Application of nonlocal elasticity shell model for axial buckling of single-walled carbon nanotubes", Sensors & Transducers, vol. 7, pp. 88-100, 11/2009. Tagged XML BibTex
F. Khademolhosseini, R. K. N. D. Rajapakse, A. Nojeh, "Determination of non-local elasticity constants for the torsional buckling of single-walled carbon nanotubes using molecular dynamics", NSTI Nanotech 2009, Houston TX, USA, 05/2009. Tagged XML BibTex
F. Khademolhosseini, R. K. N. D. Rajapakse, A. Nojeh, "Torsional buckling of carbon nanotubes using a non-local elastic thin-shell model", 45th Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA, 10/2008. Tagged XML BibTex