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S. Jafarabadiashtiani, G.R. Chaji, S. Sambandan, D. Striakhilev, P. Servati, A. Nathan, "A new driving method for a-Si AMOLED displays based on voltage feedback", Society for Information Display (SID) Symposium, vol. 36, Boston, Massachusetts, pp. 316-319, 16/05/2005. Tagged XML BibTex
G.R. Chaji, P. Servati, A. Nathan, "Driving scheme for stable operation of 2-TFT a-Si AMOLED pixel", ELECTRONICS LETTERS, vol. 41, issue 8, pp. 499-500, 2005  . Tagged XML BibTex
S. Alexander, P. Servati, G.R. Chaji, S. Ashtiani, R. Huang, D. Striakhilev, K. Sakariya, A. Kumar, A. Nathan, C. Church, J. Wzorek, P. Arsenault, "Pixel circuits and drive schemes for glass and elastic AMOLED displays", JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION DISPLAY, vol. 13, issue 7, pp. 587-595, 2005  . Tagged XML BibTex