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Mahmoudzadeh, A., Saer, R., Jun, D., Mirvakili, S. M., Takshi, A., Iranpour, B., Ouellet, E., Lagally, E. T., Madden, J. D. W., Beatty, J. T., "Photocurrent generation by direct electron transfer using photosynthetic reaction centres", SMART MATERIALS \& STRUCTURES, vol. 20, no. 9, SI, SEP. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Takshi, Arash, Madden, John D. W., Mahmoudzadeh, Ali, Saer, Rafael, Beatty, J. Thomas, "A Photovoltaic Device Using an Electrolyte Containing Photosynthetic Reaction Centers", ENERGIES, vol. 3, no. 11, pp. 1721-1727, NOV. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Takshi, A. and Madden, J. D. and Beatty, J. T., "Diffusion model for charge transfer from a photosynthetic reaction center to an electrode in a photovoltaic device", Electrochimica ACTA, vol. 54, no. 14, pp. 3806--3811, 2009  . Abstract Tagged XML BibTex