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S.J. Ashtiani, P. Servati, D. Striakhilev, A. Nathan, "A 3-TFT current-programmed pixel circuit for AMOLEDs", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, vol. 52, issue 7, pp. 1514-1518, 2005  . Tagged XML BibTex
S. Alexander, P. Servati, G.R. Chaji, S. Ashtiani, R. Huang, D. Striakhilev, K. Sakariya, A. Kumar, A. Nathan, C. Church, J. Wzorek, P. Arsenault, "Pixel circuits and drive schemes for glass and elastic AMOLED displays", JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR INFORMATION DISPLAY, vol. 13, issue 7, pp. 587-595, 2005  . Tagged XML BibTex
S. Ashtiani, P. Servati, A. Nathan, "Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display driver based on second-generation current conveyor", ELECTRONICS LETTERS, vol. 40, issue 19, pp. 1178-1179, 2004  . Tagged XML BibTex